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Writer's Guild Meeting

Oct. 12th 6:30pm

New and existing writers stop by, meetings are free! The Midwestern Writers Guild will help you put your words on paper. Through their peer process they help you become the best you can be. Additionally they hold events throughout the year all over the USA and they publish an annual journal "The Writers Guild Literary Journal" and "The Franklin Street Bazaar".

Tim Heerdink & Tony Brewer Poetry

Oct. 20th 5pm / 6pm

5pm: Tony will be doing Poetry On Demand. Whats that? Tony will be outside the store writing poetry on the spot for customers walking by for $15. 6pm: Tim and Tony will both be doing an author signing.

Killer Queen League Night

NOT AT THE STORE. Taking a field trip to The Arcademie around the corner. Stop by and figure out what it's all about.

Oct. 21st 8:30pm


About Us

Founded in 2021 by brothers Sam and Adam Morris, Your Brother's Bookstore brings a family-friendly, cozy little shop to downtown Evansville. We sell new books, board games, gaming gear, rare and signed books, as well as works from local authors and artists.

As younger men, we both moved away from Evansville in search of bigger and cooler places to live. Adam spent a decade living in New York City and Sam moved around a lot while in the Air Force. Both of us found ourselves homesick very quickly and, by complete coincidence, moved back to Evansville within about a month of each other. 

While talking about how Evansville has grown and changed since before leaving, the brothers decided they wanted to help contribute to the growing culture of art and community that they noticed developing downtown. While away, both of us found homes away from home in small, independent bookstores. We decided we wanted to create the same experience in downtown Evansville.

When you're downtown, come see us, claim a chair, and curl up with a good book. Come to our book clubs, signings, and poetry readings. We look forward to seeing you.

Keep an eye out in the near future for information about programs we’ll be offering! We’re planning several book clubs, board game nights, some great panels, classes, and a few more secret, way too ambitious projects that we’re going to try.



Yep, we just ask that you show I.D. :)

Teachers: 15% all books

Students: 15% all books

Veterans: 10% off everything