• Adam Morris

Calling all local authors!

We want your books!

If you have an independent book and want to see it on a shelf, we are here to make that happen. Not only that, but we can plan a whole event around you! We can plan an event where you are the focus. Working together, we can give you a place to do a reading or hold a signing or demonstration. Getting books into people’s hands is the end goal for all of us, we can do it together.

Over time and as the space allows, we will also be offering workshops to help people get their story onto paper. Adam has spoken with some printers as well in hopes to streamline the process for the author. It is a personal goal of his to “publish our own locally produced books”. Good luck with that, pal!

Until then, we want to welcome all authors to use our shelves to sell their books. The store opens October 1st, so there is plenty of time to get everything together and on the shelf. Please send an email to adam@yourbrothersbookstore.com with any questions.

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